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Because, since I don't know to many words, and therefore I'm trying to pass the message by photography, I'm just gonna express myself by a quotation below :





This space-time image is nothing but a world of magic, a world in which everything is repetitive, and everything takes part in a meaningful context. [...] Thus, when deciphering images, their magical character should be taken into account. It is therefore a mistake to see "frozen events" in the images, rather they replace events through certain states of things, convert scenes into events. "
"The function of technical images is to magically release their audience from the need for conceptual thinking by replacing historical consciousness with the second-degree magical consciousness and replacing the ability of conceptual thinking with second-degree imagination."

"... Observing the movements of a camera man (or camera movements that" exploit a human being "), he feels as if he is in a state of being: this is the same old paleolithic gesture of a snake hunter in a tundra. The difference lies only in the fact that the photographer does not chase his game in open grassy space, but in the jungle of cultural objects, and his secret paths are formed by this artificial tundra. "
"... Photographs - like all technical images - are concepts encoded in the states of things, both the concepts of the photographer and those that have been programmed into the camera. The photographer encodes his or her concepts into photographic images to provide other information and create models for them and thus capture them in memory. As long as it does not work, then the photographs remain encrypted and appear as reflections of things in the "outside" world as if they were repulsed on the surface. By the same token, uncritically, photographs first fulfill their task of programming the society for magical behavior that serves the interests of cameras. "
Vilem Flusser, "Towards Philosophy of Photography"